Category: MVP`s

Season 8 MVP

Season 8 MVP goes to Kendrick Easley of Hustle Squad. Kendrick lead the league in scoring with 167 points in 7 games, averaging 23.9 points a game and led the league in 3 point shooting with 37 made 3 point shots. He also broke the record for the most points made in a single game, scoring 54 points vs Team FeLynn Flyboz in a game where his team Hustle Squad was undermanned with four players for about half of the game. Though Kendrick was not able to participate in championship day his works led Hustle Squad to the semifinal round of playoffs. He has again proven to be the most valuable player to his team and to the league. Congratulations Kendrick, Mr. Two Time MVP!



Season 7 MVP – Kendrick Easley

Season 7 MVP goes to Kendrick Easley. Despite missing one game Kendrick still managed to lead the league in scoring with 155 points in 6 games and second overall in three point shooting with 33 made three pointers. His efforts ultimately led Team Hustle Squad to their third Championship. Good job Mr. Easily, keep doing your thing!

Season 6 MVP – Carl George, We-Ball

Carl George has been an avid team member of team We-Ball since the very first season of Virginia Hoop League. Every season he has stood out playing along side of some of the leagues best ballers. Carl & We-Ball had and undefeated record for the regular season with Carl leading the league in scoring with 120 points in 7 games as well as the leading three point shooter with 23 three point shots made. With two Championships, a Scoring title, three point title and two time three point contest winner under his belt, Carl George can add MVP to his list.

Season 2 MVP – Brad Haggins, Victory L.B.C.

Brad Haggins, filled up the stat sheet many games throughout the season, leading the league in scoring with 171 total points, with an average of 21.4 points per game. Victory LBC is a pretty well rounded team with some seasoned players and the young Allstar Brad played is position to the fullest stepping his game up in crunch time, hitting clutch shots and leading his team to many wins. Brad proved to be a valuable asset to his team and the league earning him the title of MVP!

Season 1 MVP – Jared Boone, Virginia Beach Warriors

Despite a not so good win loss record Jared still managed to fill the stat sheet every game, not only in scoring but pretty much every category.

During regular season play Jared was fifth in blocks, third in rebounds, had the second most made 3 pointers, first in steals with 28, had the highest points per game average at 22.5 and led the league in scoring with 180 points in 8 games.