All games will be played under current High School Basketball Rules, except as modified by the following Virginia Hoop League rules.

  • All player names and numbers MUST be entered on the score sheet prior to the start of the game.
  • All players must sign a waiver in order to be eligible to participate in the league.
  • Players under the age of 18 must have a permission for signed by legal parent or guardian.
  • Teams must have the same color jerseys or t-shirts with numbers.
  • Written or taped numbers will not be allowed.
  • If your teams needs temporary jerseys, we normally have an extra set in which you can rent for $10 a game.
  • Players can be added to the roster during the regular season as needed. Players must play a minimum of three (3) regular season games to gain playoff eligibility. (see the “Playoffs” section below for more detail)
  • Teams may have a maximum of ten (10) active rostered players. Rosters can have more than ten (10) players however in the event that your team wins the championship, only ten (10) prizes will be awarded.
  • No player can be on the roster of Two (2) teams.
  • Switching to a new team is permitted, however it must be done before the third regular season game. If the third regular season game is played with the original team, then switching to a new team will not be allowed.
  • Two (2), twenty (20) minute running halves.
  • The last two (2) minutes of the second half only will have a regulation stop-clock, unless a team leads by twenty (25) or more points.
  • The clock will stop for time-outs and injuries.
  • Five (5) minutes maximum.
  • Two(2) one-minute breaks per half
  • Time-outs will not carry over to overtime (OT) periods.
  • OT periods shall be five (5) minutes in length using regulation stop-clock at the last two (2) minutes; one (1) time-out per team per OT period.
  • If your team does not have five (5) players to start the game you can pick up non rostered players as follows: a) you can have already arranged for a fill in to show up or b) you can pick up someone on site but if there is a choice of players then the opposing team will choose which person will fill in on your team . Fill in players are for that game only and cannot be added to your roster unless it is before the roster change deadline. c) You can start the game with 4 people.
  • Additional player must sign a wavier or consent form before playing.
  • As a last resort a player from another team can be picked up to fill in. If/When an original player shows up, the fill in player from another team is no longer able to continue the game.
  • If you cannot find any players to pick up by game time, the clock will begin running and you have 10 minutes in which the game can be started upon arrival of a player. The opposing team will be rewarded 2 points for every minute that passes until the game starts.
  • All forfeit rules above do not apply during the playoffs. Four(4) rostered players must be present to start the game.
  • A player must wait at the scorekeepers table for the official to call all substitutes into the game.
  • Penalty: Technical Foul.
  • Each player is allowed five (5) personal fouls before leaving the game.
  • One & one bonus after seven (7) team fouls
  • Two (2) shot bonus after ten (10) team fouls.
  • Play resumes on the release of the ball from the shooters possession.
  • Unsportsmanlike – Maximum of two (2) “Unsportsmanlike Technical Fouls” per player per game. The player assessed an “Unsportsmanlike Technical Foul” MUST rest on the bench for three (3) minutes. Scorekeeper will keep the time.
  • Profanity is Prohibited. Using profanity towards a referee is an automatic technical foul. Using profanity in general is a technical foul, but you may be given warning(s), this is at the discretion of the referee.
  • “Unsportsmanlike Technical Fouls” will count as personal and team fouls.
  • Non-Unsportsmanlike – include, but not limited to, players out of uniform or entering the game illegally. Players assessed a “Non-Unsportsmanlike Technical Foul” will not have to rest for three (3) minutes. This type of penalty is not counted as personal or team foul.
  • Any player ejected for having two (2) “Unsportsmanlike Technical Fouls” will be subject to being suspended for the next scheduled game.
  • Play will stop and a loss by forfeit given to any team receiving four (4) Unsportsmanlike Technical Fouls in one game.
  • Players must play a minimum of three (3) regular season games to gain playoff eligibility. Players that play one or two regular season games are not eligible to participate in playoff games. If there are special circumstances, let us know in advance.
  • In the event that an ineligible player participates in a playoff game, the game will be forfeited with a loss against the the team with the ineligible player.
  • In the event of teams having identical records each team’s average point differential for all games played during the current season will be calculated. The Team with the highest averaged point differential will be considered the team with the better record.
  • Games won by forfeit are excluded.
  • Players ejected 3 times in one season shall be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  • Any player intentionally striking, attempting to strike, or in any way causing bodily harm to other players, spectators, officials, or gym supervisors, shall be expelled from the league indefinitely.
  • Any player expelled from the league because of this rule must submit a letter to the League Administrator requesting reinstatement and perform a minimum of 15 hours of VAHL Volunteer Work before regaining league eligibility.
  • There will be no refunds of any kind for ejections, suspensions, disqualifications or any other similar circumstances.